5 Star Rated Utah HVAC Contractor

About The Owner


Interested in knowing who the man behind the curtain is? Well you don’t have to look very hard because there is a good chance you will see him in your home.

Jeff Hanchett, owner of Air Now Heating and Air Conditioning is very engaged in all aspects of his business. As an Ogden Utah HVAC Contractor, he is a problem solver with deep technical knowledge who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and really enjoys the satisfaction obtained through challenging and hard work. He is thankful for the opportunity to own a successful business, but he gives that credit to his loving family who enabled and helped him in developing his talents and passions into the great company today known as Air Now Heating and Air Conditioning. As the licensee, Jeff has always been the core of the company, however, the company would not exist today without the years of hard work and personal sacrifice given by Jeff’s older brother Brian Hanchett, with additional contributions made in the beginning by his other brother James Hanchett.

Multiple other caring employees have made a significant impact along the way and helped to implement Jeff’s vision for the company. Jeff is unique in his management style because he is influenced so strongly by his professional background in customer service. “Status-quo,” “good enough,” and “what difference does it make?” are not terms in his vocabulary. He is also, dare we say it? A little bit of a perfectionist. He hires like-minded employees whose desire for hard and satisfying work rivals his own.

As a veteran of the United States Coast Guard and an Eagle Scout, he is a no-nonsense straight-shooter, driven to succeed by way of Honesty & Integrity. He firmly believes in a duty to God, family and community. He recognizes his successes as being blessings from above and strives to operate his business in a manner deserving of such blessings. He and his wife, Jen, live in the Ogden Utah area and have four wonderful children. With over a decade and a half of industry experience, he has seen the inner workings of some good companies as well as some bad ones. Following his parents’ lifelong advice, he has learned from both the good examples and the mistakes of others, including a few hard lessons of his own. All that experience is now put to good use with both customer and company benefiting mutually.