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Cooling – Typical Problems You May Face

Regrettably, even when you normally remain on top of your ac system's regular upkeep requirements, little concerns can still take place when the system remains in the most require. Examining these 5 typical air conditioning system problems might help you better gauge when to require emergency situation repair works over the summertime.

Air Conditioning Will not Turn On
Couple of things are as discouraging as coming home to a stuffy home on a hot summertime day. Fortunately, this is often a quick fix to get your ac system working again. The problem is normally that the thermostat was set poorly or simply isn't really working. If revisiting your thermostat settings does not help, it may be time to change your thermostat altogether.
Prior to you buy a brand-new thermostat, keep in mind to examine your breaker box. It's always possible that the air conditioning system's breaker was flipped even when everything else in your house seems working fine.
A/C Isn't really Cooling Like It Utilized To
A running ac system that cannot effectively cool your house is generally indicative of an air flow problem. The first place to start repairing this one is at the return. When was the last time you altered your filters? If it's been a while, a clogged up filter could be in the way of the air that's trying to get back to the unit. When everything looks great inside your house, it's time to check the unit outside. To operate optimally, your system requires 2 feet of clearance all around. If you've got branches or debris closer than that, it could be obstructing air flow.
If air flow isn't the concern, it might be necessary to call an expert to check your refrigerant lines.
Air Conditioner Makes Noise
If your air conditioning unit makes unusual sounds every time it starts up or winds down, it can be a frustrating experience even if everything is otherwise working fine. Often, this is nothing more frustrating than a loose screw. Once it's tightened up, the sound will disappear. Nevertheless, this might also be a sign of blower problems.
Given that dealing with the high voltage of your a/c device can be dangerous, it's finest to hire an expert. If you have to troubleshoot it yourself, constantly keep in mind to shut off the power to your air conditioning unit prior to touching the components.
Air Conditioner Costs Too Much To Run
An improperly kept a/c unit can lose 5% effectiveness each year, escalating your energy costs over time. The best method to handle the all too typical issue of high summer cooling expenses is to have your system serviced prior to the beginning of the hot weather.
Air Conditioner Stays On Too Long/Not Long Enough
The positioning of your thermostat can eventually figure out for how long your air conditioning system runs over the summer season. If the thermostat is in direct sunshine, it might continue running after the rest of your house is an igloo. Altering the area of your thermostat can be a cost-efficient way to improve the general effectiveness of your A/C by just requiring it to run when it's actually needed. If you still have an older design of thermostat, utilizing this chance to set up a programmable thermostat can help you save much more cash on cooling expenses.Give us a call at (801) 784-6343 or examine us out online and schedule your consultation today. We look forward to assisting you with all your heating system requires.

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